The “Best” of Blandor

The “Best” of Blandor is now available for the first time on his new, limited edition album called, “Old School.”.

This album has all of Blandor’s most forgetable tunes, including “Is That A Merkin On Your Shoulder?”, “Uniqa!, Uniqa!” and the timeless, “‘Avlimil’ is derived from the Latin av, meaning ‘ear’ and limi, meaning […]

The return of Blandor

Under increasing pressure from our loyal reader, we have launched a search for one-time Snark Hunting commentator “Blandor the Imponderable”. Last seen on these virtual pages more than two years ago, we agree that Blandor must return. We currently have agents scouring all the methadone clinics and binjo ditches on the south […]