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The Agency Names of Naming Agencies Name Taxonomy

Behold the companies in our very own industry, naming agency names in the company of the names of other naming agency names.

The name a naming agency names itself is the definitive manifestation of the company names they believe in - of what they know about naming companies. After all, they put everything they know about naming companies into their naming agency name.

The first thing we do when starting a naming project is to thoroughly analyze the names of the competition, as we've done below. This helps everyone involved understand the competitive landscape, to see which words & ideas are overused, and to have a crystal clear picture of where the opportunities are. We created this taxonomy when we named ourselves, asking "Where do we need to be on this chart & why?"

  • A Hundred Monkeys
  • Igor
  • Catchword
  • Tipping Sprung*
  • Idiom
  • Lexicon
  • Metaphor
  • WildOutWest (WOW)
  • Applebaum
  • Addison
  • Ashton Brand Group
  • Hayden Group
  • Landor
  • Lippincott Mercer
  • Master McNeil
  • Rivkin & Associates
  • Russell Mark Group
  • Siegel & Gale
  • Wolff Olins
  • Eat My Words
  • Good Characters
  • Word for Word
  • Operative Words
  • WhereWords
  • Tungsten
  • Zinzin
  • Tanj
  •  Cintara
  •  Capsule
  • The Naming Group
  • ABC Name Bank
  • Brighter Naming
  • Moore Names
  • Name Designer
  • Name Development
  • Name Evolution
  • Name Generator
  • NameLab
  • Name One
  • Name Pharm
  • NameQuest
  • Name Razor
  • NameSale
  • Name Sharks
  • Name-Shop
  • NameStormers
  • Name Tag
  • NameTrade
  • Namebase
  • NameWorks
  • Naming Systems
  • Naming Workshop
  • Namington
  • Namix
  • Strategic Name Development
  • The Naming Company
  • Wise Name
  • Namix
  • Nomen
  • Nomenon
  • Nomina
  • Nomino
  • Bizword
  • Comspring
  • Logoistic
  • Macroworks
  • Mnemonic
  • Brains On Fire
  • One Big Roach
  • Brand-DNA
  • Brand A
  • Brand 2.0
  • Brand Channel
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Doctors
  • Brand Evolve
  • Brand Evolution
  • Brand Fidelity
  • Brand Forward
  • Brand Institute
  • Brand Juice
  • Brand Ladder
  • Brand Link
  • Brand Maverick
  • Brand Mechanics
  • Brand Meta
  • Brand People
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Salt
  • Brandscape
  • Brand Scope
  • Brand Sequence
  • Brand Slinger
  • Brand Solutions
  • Brand Spark
  • Brand Vista
  • CoreBrand
  • Future Brand
  • Independent Branding
  • Interbrand
  • Not Just Any Branding
  • The Better Branding Company
  • The Brand Company
  • The Brand Consultancy
  • Trading Brands
  •  Blue Taco

*Tipping Sprung: Yes it does sound like a random invented paring in the Bearing Point mode, but it's actually the names of the two founders, so it goes into the Functinal category, where it rates higher than the rest for being a little more unique and memorable.

Levels of Engagement: These eight levels (y-axis levels from minus 2 to plus 5) represent the amount of material (meaning, stories, associations, imagery, multiple layers) in a name the audience has to play with and personalize – and how "engaged" they are by a name. Names in the minus 2 level are the least engaging, and likely to be quickly forgotten; the higher the number the better, with level 5 being the best.

Functional Names: The lowest common denominator of names, usually either named after a person, purely descriptive of what the company or product does, or a pre- or suffixed reference to functionality. (Infoseek, LookSmart)

Invented Names: "Invented" as in a made-up name (Acquient, Agilent, Alliant, Google) or a non-English name that is not widely known.

Experiential Names: A direct connection to something real, a part of direct human experience. Usually literal in nature, but presented with a touch of imagination. (Netscape, Palm Pilot)

Evocative Names: These names are designed to evoke the positioning of a company or product rather than the goods and services or the experience of those goods and services. Removed from direct experience, but relevant – evoking memories, stories, and many levels of association. (Virgin, Apple, Cracker Jack)

We encourage you to print this out and move names around, and see if you think they should be classified differently. It's an exercise that will get you thinking about the names in your own industry. (Here is a blank taxonomy chart you can print out.)

Computer Port Technology Name Taxonomy