Non-Hazardous Aerogel – AeroZero

"Zero" as in the first aerogel that produces Zero hazardous dust during manufacturing (a la Zero Emission Vehicle; Coke Zero). "Zero" also reinforces the material's lighter-than-air quality.

And of course because "Zero" next to "Aero" is a beautiful sight to behold:


AeroZero provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation, high thermal stability and low dielectric constant. The product's 100 percent polyimide polymer construction eliminates dusting and the requirement for dangerous handling protocols, making it incredibly clean and safe. It also delivers on reliability, flexibility, toughness and strength. AeroZero can withstand extreme high temperatures as well as cryogenic temperatures, providing aerogel-level thermal conductivity and excellent acoustic insulation. As an aerogel, AeroZero has outstanding insulating characteristics, second only to vacuums, and it boasts a density approximately 85 percent lower than traditional polyimides.


AeroZero screenshot