Television network brand name – Audience

DirecTV needed a name for a new channel of original programing to compete with the likes of HBO and Showtime. When we performed our competitive analysis, it became clear that all of the movie / original programing names had names that were product-centric and they all contained common terms associated with performance and film: Showtime, Home Box Office, Cinemax, Starz, Bravo, Arts & Entertainment, etc. No one was naming and positioning themselves for the consumer - it was all one-note chest thumping - the names are all interchangeable. DirecTV and Igor decided it was an opportunity to have a name that was different, a name that was about the audience rather than about the product. Incredibly, though the word "Audience" appears in virtually every movie review and every article about a television network, it had never been used as a name in the TV / Film production industry or in the entertainment business. It had been hiding in plain sight, overlooked. "Audience", the essential element of all entertainment.