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Airline wi-fi broadband service name – Gogo
Gogo airline wi-fi

In August 2008, Aircell launched Gogo Inflight Internet on American Airlines.  It's now available on American Airlines, Virgin America, Delta and AirTran, with more coming soon.  Passengers on Gogo- equipped aircraft can surf the Web, email work or friends, send a tweet from their seat, check the scoreboard on board and more - all while flying above the clouds!

When Aircell was ready to name this revolutionary new service, they hired Igor to make it happen. The name had to be memorable, fun (kids will use it to play networked electronic games), short (to be printed on and in the planes and airline collateral material), universally known, easy to pronounce, and map if possible to both the travel experience and the Internet connectivity experience.

After project takeoff, we carefully considered hundreds of names, and boiled the positioning of the service down to its essence: mobility (email at 500 mph!), connectivity, and fun. By the time the project had landed, we had the perfect name: Gogo. Notes the Gogo website:

As a product of Aircell LLC, Gogo provides all passengers access to the Internet, email, text messaging and corporate VPNs from the comfort of their seats while airborne. Aircell has been authorized by the FAA and FCC to use cellular frequencies for inflight broadband communications, leading a Wi-Fi revolution 35,000 feet above the ground. Think of it as a mobile hotspot, equipped with twin turbines and 50,000 lbs of thrust.

The Internet on a plane, the airline mainline, wi-fi in the sky, or as Aircell calls it, "wi-fi with wings". Soaring now through a troposphere near you.