Neoverse – Arm Processor

Launched February 20, 2019.

arm naming

Via TechCrunch 2/20/19: "Today, ahead of MWC 2019, the company is officially launching two new products for cloud and edge applications, the Neoverse N1 and E1. “We’ve always been anticipating that this market is going to shift as we move more towards this world of lots of really smart devices out at the endpoint — moving beyond even just what smartphones are capable of doing,” Drew Henry, Arms’ SVP and GM for Infrastructure, told me in an interview ahead of today’s announcement. “And when you start anticipating that, you realize that those devices out of those endpoints are going to start creating an awful lot of data and need an awful lot of compute to support that.”

"To address these two problems, Arm decided to launch two Neoverse products: one that focuses on compute speed and one that is all about throughput, especially in the context of 5G".

Along with Trillium and Pelion, Neoverse is one of three naming projects we've done for Arm in the last 12 months.

arm naming

Via Venture Beat: "Arm is introducing something called the Arm Neoverse, a cloud-to-edge infrastructure to support a world with a trillion intelligent devices. I suppose you can call this optimistic brand name the logical extreme of the internet of things, the fully built out ecosystem of everyday objects that are smart and connected."

Via Computing: "Arm has unveiled plans for its Neoverse processor family, a strategy intended for devices spanning everything from the edge of the network right up to the data centre.

The intention is to push Arm designs from dependence on mobile, particularly smartphones, further into the mainstream - potentially challenging Intel on desktop computers and servers.

Arm is not simply keen on infiltrating servers, though, as it also wants Neoverse to get stuck into all the infrastructure that supports the cloud and future tech."