ShoreTel's Cloud VOIP Service – Sky

ShoreTel Sky

"Cloud" was the buzzword of the year, so when Shortel was ready to move their premise-based telephony systems to the cloud, their first thought was to have "cloud" in the name of their new service.

We advised them that naming anything after the technology du jour would soon looked dated. And that they'd get lost in the sea of competitors named AcerCloud, AltaCloud, BlueCloud, CentralCloud, Cloud & Clear, Cloud 2.0, Cloud IP, Cloud MC, Cloud Mediation, Cloud Merge, Cloud Passage, Cloud RCE, Cloud RCT, Cloud Remote, Cloud9, CloudBlazer, CloudCenter, CloudCity, CloudCycle, CloudHarmony CloudForce, CloudJockey, CloudLine, CloudMonitor, CloudN, CloudNerge, CloudPad, CloudPistonCloudEngine, CloudShift, CloudShip, CloudSpan, CloudSpirit, CloudStorage, CloudSuite, CloudSure, CloudSwitch, CloudWeaver, Cloudshare, Cloudtalk, Cloudworx, Collaboration Cloud, CoreCloud, Dream Cloud, Elastic Cloud, EtherCloud, FXCloud, FlexCloud, HeroCloud, IP Cloud, Kloud, Max Cloud, Mcloud, MediaCloud, MyCloud, NCloud, OPCloud, OneCloud, QCloud, Radianz Cloud, RapidCloud, RealCloud, SkyCloud, SoundCloud, Syntesyscloud, TerraCloud, UserCloud, UserCloud CloudConnect, Virtual Cloud, WaveCloud, WhiteCloud, ZenCloud CloudMax, ZeroCloud, eCloud, iCloud and IronCloud.

The decision was made to find a name that was bigger than cloud, yet made perfect sense as a name in the cloud space. And Sky was born.


ShoreTel Sky
ShoreTel Sky naming