Middle Eastern luxury resort hotel brand name – Address
The Address hotels and resorts

Emaar Hospitality Group hired Igor to help it create the name for a new 5-star luxury hotel brand, with hotels located throughout the Middle East and in key feeder markets in Europe and Asia.

The chosen name, Address, captures the sense of spectacular location advantage, that this is where it's happening, this is the place to be. From The Address website:

Address Hotels + Resorts is the new definition of global luxe life. Where cool meets warmth. Style meets luxury and discerning travellers choose to stay and meet time and time again.Address is vibrant and real. It's business and pleasure. It's a simple and sophisticated environment that comes to life with the presence of the people it attracts.

Positioned as a premium hospitality brand with a focus on service excellence, quality product and contemporary design, Address is set apart not only by the location of its hotels, but also in the total character and service standards, where a 'one size fits one' approach is adopted.