Names and Taglines

Once a name is chosen, we more fully develop a range of taglines, images and language that help you pinpoint the most effective, perfectly nuanced personality with which to present your name.

A key point at this stage is exploring how different taglines and collateral can shift and enhance the efficacy of your name and brand. For example, here are a few ad lines and taglines that the name Igor brings to the table:

Igor. Get over the hump.

Igor. A few spare parts and a good storm. (The ingredients of all innovation.)

Igor. Throw the switch.

Igor. Bringing your vision to life.

Igor. A Moveable Beast.

Igor. Own your shadow.

Igor. Talk of the town.

Igor. No job too horrifying.

Igor. The other white meat.

Igor. Never say die.

Igor. A good brain is hard to find.

Igor. Alive.

Igor. Better living through science.

Igor. Building the perfect beast.

And on and on and on. When deciding between names for your own project, go ahead and make a list of taglines for each potential name. It will make the decision-making process crystal clear, because if you can't get inspired by a particular name, your customers aren't likely to.

One of the most important things that the best brands accomplish is being thought of as greater than the goods and services offered. Nike's "Just Do It" helps them rise above selling sneakers. Apple's "Think Different" is bigger than computers. Fannie Mae's "We're in the American Dream Business" elevates them from mere mortgage brokers.

Like names, taglines come in four flavors. Sometimes it makes sense for an evocative name to be launched with a functional tagline, migrating to an evocative tagline over time. The specifics of your business, where it is going, and the state of your industry will define which of the many different combinations of types of name and types of tagline will be most effective.

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