Accomplice, the Ultimate Concierge App


"Accomplice, the first all-in-one mobile application in the U.S. combining food delivery, car service and rideshare, launched today giving consumers the power to explore, compare, request, purchase and track services across different on-demand categories. Consumers can now conveniently access just one app instead of multiple applications to compare and combine options via smart recommendations, sort by ratings, proximity or price and checkout. Accomplice is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices."

How many ways are there to say 'the ultimate assistant"? There's "Concierge", but it's a bit boring and can't be trademarked for this application. Then of course there's "Watson", but IBM would do a bit more than send a letter if you tried to use it for an app. That leaves "Igor" and "Accomplice"... But doesn't Accomplice invoke a criminal activity? Sure, just as Hotwire means one thing, 'to steal a car'. But like Hotwire, Accomplice maps to the positioning of the service. Hotwiring a car is a hack, is a travel hack.

When a name maps to a company's positioning, consumers process the name in kind. No one thinks Hotwire or Accomplice is involved in criminal acivity, any more than they think Slack will produce lazy work. Or that the pilots of Virgin Air are inexperienced. Hotwire, Slack, Virgin and Accomplice all have a 'negative' side that makes them instantly memorable, yet no consumer makes a negative judgment about these companies because of it. This is because all four names map seamlessly to their company's positioning, and because consumers process names emotionally and in context, not literally.

The result is that all four names are interesting, engaging and unforgettable.