Nokia top-of-the-line mobile phone – Arte & Sapphire Arte
Nokia 8800 Arte

Igor has been working with Nokia business units all over the world to name new mobile phone models for various global markets. The first product to be released that we named was the premium "intro to luxury" 8600 Luna. The latest gems from our ongoing collaboration with Nokia are the new incarnations of Nokia's legendary top-of-the-line 8800, which Igor named Arte and Sapphire Arte.

Nokia 8600 Luna mobile phone

From the Arte press release:

Nokia takes pride in unveiling the Nokia 8800 Arte and the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte - two brand new designs, which capture the essence of timeless beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Materials are of the finest quality. They include exquisite leather and precious stones. The Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte contains both. The select key for example is made from a single sapphire, which as one of the world’s most valued gemstones has a strong heritage and coveted appeal.

Leather panels are crafted from the finest premium goat hides sourced in Eastern India. By avoiding mechanical embossing Nokia ensures that each product is totally unique and that the hide’s natural grain is preserved. Fine layers of coating are applied to protect against everyday use and add an extra dash of finesse.

Color-wise, luxurious brown and coffee tones remind us of understated elegance. These are considered a confident and sophisticated color choice for premium products across a growing range of lifestyle items, from classic car interiors to high-end electronics. Meanwhile, the Nokia 8800 Arte makes its own unique statement in stylish black.

Arte translates as art. In creating the Nokia 8800 Arte and the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte, Nokia celebrate the art of individuality by way of natural light and the intricate ways in which it reflects, flickers and glows. This can be seen in the unique tap-for-time feature. Just two gentle taps are all it takes to illuminate the clock screen, while living wallpapers move organically throughout the day to give unique on-screen decoration.

Sound also plays an important part of the bespoke experience. The Nokia 8800 Arte and the Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte both include exclusive video ring tones from DJ duo Kruder & Dorfmeister.

In addition to the 3G capabilities and 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera, the Nokia 8800 Arte and 8800 Sapphire Arte boast a stunning OLED display and 1 GB built-in memory space. A unique silencing mechanism is activated when the phone is turned over, screen-side down. Meanwhile, Nokia’s new anti-fingerprint coating reduces smudges on metal and glass and unsightly outer seams are hidden thanks to a unique all-in-one micro USB connector.

Nokia's Arte and Sapphire Arte mobile phones are truly works of art, among the most beautiful consumber objects available.

Stay tuned for more exciting Igor product names for Nokia.