Sales production system and company name – Landslide

SalesGene created a revolutionary new sales platform and needed an equally revolutionary name for it. Igor created the name Landslide for this new sales support platform,

…the industry's first product to address the work style needs of individual salespeople. Built for salespeople by salespeople, Landslide combines software, collaboration and a live administrative assistant to support the activities and habits of individual salespeople helping maximize their time, drive action and generate results.

Landslide is a hosted-software application that integrates strategic selling software, a collaborative relationship portal called io Channel and VIP live assistant services. The product codifies proven sales processes, provides step-by-step sales guidance, creates a high-touch and unique buying experience for the customer, and provides each salesperson with a live assistant to help them offload mundane administrative tasks that prevent them from staying in selling mode.

The key positioning strengths of the name Landslide include:

Landslide is a strongly evocative name that does it all. In fact, the name worked so well that it ultimately became the company name as well.