Nokia premium mobile phone name – Luna
Nokia 8600 Luna

When the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer decided to begin aggressively branding its products with evocative names in addition to the alphanumeric model numbers they have traditionally employed in product naming, Nokia hired Igor to help them out on a variety of projects.

On May 31, 2007, Nokia launched the first product named by Igor, the highly-anticipated and much-touted premium slider phone now known as the Luna.

Nokia 8600 Luna mobile phone

From the Luna press release:

The melding of nearly opaque smoked glass with unique, soft-touch stainless steel makes the Nokia 8600 Luna as enchanting to behold as it is a joy to touch. Adding to its mysterious allure, a gentle keypad illumination pulsates from beneath the glass case while the phone awaits a call. Combined with the warmth of its glass and stainless steel body, this "heartbeat" transforms the Nokia 8600 Luna from an inanimate object into a trusted companion with an organic, virtually alive form. When a call does beckon, the signature slide movement is carefully balanced too smoothly raise the ergonomic keypad from within its glass cocoon.

As Nokia's Senior Vice President for Mobile Phones, Heikki Norta, goes on to say in the Luna press release,

"Even the name holds special significance. Much like the Nokia 8600 Luna that we named in her honor, Luna, the goddess of moonlight, was often represented by the Romans as a mysteriously captivating beauty encircled in a soft, yet radiant light."

Add to its considerable physical beauty a 2-megapixel camera, a mini USB port and quad-band worldwide roaming, and Luna is the ultimate fusion of beauty and brains.

Stay tuned in the future for other exciting product names born from Igor's work with Nokia.