High-definition television channel name – Mojo

iN DEMAND Networks hired Igor to create a new name for a high-definition television channel to feature original programming for men that would eventually replace the company's flagship INHD channel. We convinced them that the perfect name for the channel is MOJO:

MOJO - the new 100% hi-def channel is tailored to fit your interests from exceptional food to extreme locales, from high tech toys to high stakes antics, from Wall Street to easy street and the best of sports, music, movies and more. It's 180° from ordinary and 100% high definition, because life is how you see it.

One consideration was keeping the name short so it could work easily as a "bug", the logo that TV networks place in the corner of the television screen, yet be differentiated from the plethora of be-acronymed WETVs, METVs MTVs and BETs that saturate the TV Guide. And having the name of this men's channel start with the letter "M" would be a nice bonus.

Of course, the word "mojo" means personal magnetism, life force and magical power. It came to the English language from Africa over one hundred years ago, but reached the status of pop culture phenomenon as the source of Austin Powers' manly powers.

Get your MOJO working!