Biotechnology / pharmaceutical company name – Radius

Radius, the biotechnology company formerly known as Nuvios, is a leader in the discovery and development of drug therapies for treating and preventing osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. The company came to Igor because they felt their name was generic and unmemorable, as well as a disconnect from their mission statement / tagline, "Improving life from the inside out."

The name 'Radius' maps directly to the tagline and advances the concept of the company as elementally essential and scientifically elegant, with an efficient, expanding drug discovery pipeline in osteoporosis and women's health. It is also, of course, one of the major bones of the human skeleton.

'Radius' also helps to position the company as distinctly different from the mass of biopharma companies with anonymous, invented names, and completes the circle that begins with initial drug discovery efforts and ends with improving patient's lives. In short, the name fits the company to a "π".