Enterprise business software company name – Rivet
Rivet software

Rivet has been aquired by Certent.

Aucent Corporation engaged Igor to rename and reposition their company and to name three new products. Aucent's core business is XBRL business reporting and financial data analysis. XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is the new standard to prepare and analyze financial information.

Our client needed a name that would carry three ideas: 1) permanently attaching XBRL tags to financial data; 2) generating a compelling financial picture of a customer's business; and 3) support an interesting animal icon in an engaging way. They did not want a random visual icon a la the Linux penguin or a linear one like the literal animal print patterns Apple uses to market its Panther, Jaguar and Tiger Operating systems.

The company's new name, Rivet, covers all three bases of the brand positioning and more:

While the majority of Rivet's competitors are positioned merely as companies or service providers, Rivet has the potential to become a strong, memorable, and top-of-mind brand. The opportunity here is to build a solid brand, create pathways for brand recognition, and lay the groundwork for brand loyalty. Just by having a well-defined brand, a key differentiator from the competition is already in place. But we have to look to the future as well, when new XBRL-related brands are likely to compete more aggressively for brand attention with Rivet, once Rivet demonstrates to the marketplace - through its name, branding and the quality of its products - the value of a brand.

One of the three new product names we created for Rivet, Dragon Tag, has been launched.