Web/interactive design studio name
Veneer interactive studio name

Anybody can make a pretty website, but Veneer goes deeper, focusing first on the visual and interactive foundation of a brand, then mastering all the geeky details that make their beautifully designed websites actually work.

As we worked through the naming process, they kept coming back to their core strength of building great websites and interactive projects from deep within, through the creation of clean, intelligent code. What better way to create a conversation between front-end design and back-end power, between surface and depth, between form and function, than with the name Veneer? Because great design is more than just a pretty picture, and the beautiful surface is only as strong as the underlying structure that supports it.

Plus, Veneer is a cool, mysterious, playful name that no designers outside the simulated wood grain industry seemed to recognize the value of.

Visit Veneer's website to see some of their high-end design projects, which only scratch the surface of what they've done. Get in touch with them and they'll show you a lot more. It's deep.