August 16, 2019

What's in a Name?

Brand names play an increasingly key role in helping companies separate themselves from the pack and gain early market share

By John Obrecht

Naming new brands is one of the most nettlesome marketing tasks. But now it's getting even more challenging, taking up additional bandwidth among time-strapped marketers.


Steve Manning, director of naming and founder of Igor Naming Agency, whose clients include EA Sports, The North Face, and WarnerMedia, says, "It's essential to take as much subjectivity out of the name evaluation process as possible. This is done by creating a job description for the name, as well as a list of positioning points that the name needs to convey. Judging potential names based upon agreed criteria, and not on personal likes or dislikes, is essential."

The next step is a competitive analysis. "This is critical for refining brand positioning," Manning says. "It tells you exactly where you need to be name-wise in order to dominate the competitive landscape."


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