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January 4 , 2006

The whachacallit

By Angela Gunn

Those smart branding mavens over at Snark Hunting have spotlighted some great research put together by Elliott Back, a senior at Cornell who got to wondering how folks name their blogs. After churning through tens of thousands of sites, he's discovered the hundred most-used words in blog titles. Snark Hunting notes that they're mostly simple, descriptive words: blog, life, weblog, from, journal and so forth, to name the top five. But simple, descriptive words unfortunately run together in, as the Snarksters so memorably phrase it, a manky swirl of achromatic Gesso.

Agreed. And yet speaking as one of the half-dozen people who cogitated for over six months to name the blog you see before you, I have a few words the Snark guys would please to keep in mind: In-house committee. Live with this title forever. Boss's boss's boss's boss's boss. And, by all means, have mercy. And, sheesh, neither tech nor space are even on the list!

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