High Performance Naming – Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler's hot new sports coupe, the Crossfire, has a name that does justice to the car's edgy, explosive looks. Clearly, the marketing department had an extraordinary naming process in place, as well as the insight and fortitude required to get such a controversial name approved in an organization as large as Chrysler.

Imagine the feedback when the name was tested: Isn't it dangerous to get caught in a crossfire? Don't people get killed in a crossfire? Don't we want people to think our car is safe? It's the name of a TV show, why not pick something unique?

Chrysler understood that consumers don't participate in this kind of literal, negative deconstruction, but rather accept things in the context provided. The failure to recognize this simple truth is what dooms other automakers to give sexy sports cars androgynous names like; M5, S4, 28O Z, SC 430 and C32 AMG.

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