Verizon's Tagline: A Positive Negative

Loud and Clear: Full points to Verizon for redefining and taking ownership of the phrase "Can you hear me now?" in its recent advertisign campaign. Most corporations would have missed this opportunity, arguing that "Can you hear me now" is the question most often muttered in frustration during cell phone calls gone bad. Why run television ads in which a Verizon user asks this highly negative question over and over? Doesn't this portray the Verizon experience in a bad light?

Au contraire, mon ami. The tagline "Can you hear me now?" works for many reasons:

Extra points to Verizon for understanding that a negative can be more positive than a positive (i.e. "The clear alternative to Cellular") when it comes to branding. Minus a few points for having the anemic corporate tagline, "Make progress every day," which is more of an aspiration for someone in physical therapy than a convincing argument in favor of Verizon's service.

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