Juice Branding

Since Coke owns MinuteMaid and Pepsi owns Tropicana, it's not surprising that the orange juice battle between them is being fought in the same way as their long-standing cola war, which is further identical to the marketing skirmish between Dasani (Coke) and Aquafina (Pepsi) bottled water. Both companies are committed to shadowing each other's moves, resulting in products and brands that are virtually indistinguishable. The dueling carafes below were predictable:

Simply Orange, by MinuteMaid, has a cleaner, more effective label. The messaging on the Tropicana carafe is too busy; watch for it to get cleaned-up and for the illustration of the orange on the label to increase in size. Since MinuteMaid has perhaps half the market share of Tropicana in the non-frozen category, they will be "taking chances" and Tropicana will be reacting.

POM Wonderful

An interesting new player in the juice business is POM. The pomegranate juice is called POM Wonderful after a variety of pomegranates. Other blended varieties are just called POM, but "Wonderful" is carried over throughout the messaging. The packaging is unique, and the sales pitch is anchored in the health benefits of antioxidants. At 26 cents per fluid ounce, POM is 3 to 4 times more expensive than national orange juice brands.

POM is leveraging several points of contact in differentiating its brand. The name "Pom" gives consumers a short and sweet way to get a handle on the rather awkward mouthful, "pomegranate juice." It also helps make the idea of trying it less scary. Don't be surprised if "pom juice" is adopted by the public as shorthand for all pomegranate juice, giving POM a big advantage over their inevitable competitors. POM's tagline, DRINK TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT, works on two levels: It reinforces the health benefits of the juice and plays off of an emotional idiom.

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